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HAITI news  HAITI  at YT


Tues 12 Jan 2010, 16hr 53min local time on camera,

and later same week, direct reporting from:




PENSIS & many families  on TV


Stories, photos, those living there  Flights over it




MAP, Disaster maps,


Kreyol Ayisyen-Français-English,


Port-au-Prince Aéroport-Airport,


31o to 33o C, 88 to 92 F, this week-end Weather,

control tower damaged, US air traffic control,

runway ok (view from US helicopter, check

traffic on main roads, Dessalines, parts of

J. Brown, Delmas and Tabarre ok), airport

jammed Thursday 14 to Sunday 17 Jan 2010,

Trans-Atlantic flights must refill return fuel

somewhere before approaching Haiti,

no more fuel at the airport or elsewhere,

stand-by in surrounding countries and islands

near Haiti. Port-au-Prince airport saturated.

Swedish aid planes waiting in Curacao.

Belgian aid planes waiting in DR. In Haiti

planes must have armed security on ground.



Blogs  Email  for situation in:

Delmas, 2, 31, 32, 33, 45, 48, 83, 89, 60, 95, 105,

Ponts de Musseau bridges ok, district destroyed,

Eagle Market ok,

Caribbean destroyed,

Route de Tabarre, Belleville, Frères,

La Plaine, shaked but mostly ok,

Bon Repos, Ibo Beach, Gonaives, ok,

Hotel Montana, video, nearly destroyed,

Hotel El Rancho ok,

Palais National badly damaged,

Hotel Le Plaza,

Bel Air, Cathédrale, nearly totally destroyed,

Av du Travail parts destroyed,


Cité Soleil report Åsa Midtveit, NRK, badly damaged, 

Carrefour près épicentre détruit en grande partie,

Léogâne plus près de l’épicentre détruit à 80-90 %


Pétionville, mostly ok,


Hotel Kinam ok,

Route de Kenscoff, ok,

Barbancourt rum, La Boule, Clémenceau,

Femat, Fo Jak, Ayiti,

Orphelinat de Kenscoff, buildings shaked

but everyone is ok,

Fond-des-Blancs ok,




Situation unsafe on the Jimani road,

very strong escort recommended.

Think people are desperate for

water, food, anything, many have

nothing left, no clothes, no shoes...




Many streets and parkings blocked

by gathered dead bodies. Very strong

smell of urine, feces, garbage, and





Gressier, Léogâne, Petit-Goâve, Jacmel

and many towns and villages lightly or

badly damaged, some totally destroyed.

(épicentre terrestre à Gressier)  more




Everywhere surrealistic nightmare visions

and hallucinations of intense suffering

and inhuman torture, far beyond Dante

and Bosch, but all very live, live on tape,

of the whole world’s televisions, with

grownups and children amputated with

knives and bare hands on the streets, in

cries and tears, with extreme human being

distress, directly into your living-room, deeply

into your mind and your sub-consciousness,

all as a macabre archetype for ever...,

with mobile phone sms from under the rubble,

begging on the 5th day of the disaster,

we are not dead yet, get us out”...




Boat-people start leaving Haiti to often meet

death at sea as shark food.

Sunday 17 Jan 2010




Death toll can double or much more this

week-end estimates.




Thirst & hunger  Looting




PAP Haitians back to native towns

Saturday 23 Jan 2010



Send help to well-known organizations,

anything getting through saves lives:



msf = médecins sans frontières =

doctors without borders =

infirmières sans frontières =

nurses without borders






Apocalypse now, in Haiti


Hundreds of reports like those above

in many languages show that this title

is not quite accurate.

Better would be: “Hell now, in Haiti”.

Something could be done, there and now!

USA, Canada, France, Belgium, Europe,

Latin America... could do it, together, but...




Scientists’ new warnings


The question is not if, but when it will happen again...


Caribbean tectonics  Tectonic plates Hispaniola




Strong candidates to a similar catastrophe:


Haiti again, Dominican Rep, Japan, Tehran,

Istanbul, California, Pacific Rim, Indonesia...

predicted on several TV channels, 21 Jan 2010,

won’t say didn’t know...!




Animals, insects, birds, plants,

bending flames, as catastrophe

early warning phenomenon ?



Variations in earth magnetic field

of terrestrial plasma before major

quake and volcanic activity could

be early warnings ?




When in Hispaniola  1997 at the Jaragua,

Intercontinental, Hispaniola, Montana !!!,

Plaza, El Rancho, Ibo Lele, Kinam...,

consulting on development issues,

these poor quality concrete building

techniques were questioned instead

for one-storey wooden-houses or of

Japanese building materials combined

with security measures and catastrophe

hard core dwelling for which there would

be enough building ground space,

no realistic answer was ever given...





Clinton for Haiti in Davos 2010





Reports are listed in a chronological order when

they are received and updated thereafter.





From 10,000 WORDS

where journalism and technology meet:



How news media are covering Haiti

using multimedia, social networks



Thursday, January 14, 2010


After a natural disaster like the recent earthquake

in Haiti, news organizations often have just hours

to put together, produce multimedia and interactive

elements in addition to text stories.


Web Journalist Blog, in collaboration with

10,000 Words, has put together a list of maps,

graphics, slideshows, interactive content and

social networking efforts coordinated by

mainstream news media to report the damage

in Haiti. You can find even more examples,

as well as ways you can donate to relief efforts,

in this Digiphile post.


Also on 10,000 Words:


Do you have a multimedia emergency plan?


How to quickly track natural disasters online


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New media and college students:

A match made in heaven?


Tuesday, January 12, 2010


In what seems to be a growing trend, colleges and

universities are pairing with traditional news media

to cover underserved communities and populate

hyperlocal news sites.

The New York Times recently announced that it

will partner with The City University of New York's

Graduate School of Journalism to cover areas of


The UC Berkeley School of Journalism has partnered

with several news organizations, including a notable

partnership with financier

Warren Hellman and public radio station KQED to

form a non-profit online news operation.

You can read about similar partnerships

here, here, here and here.


The trend raises the question: are media organizations

using college journalism students to fill the gap of

traditional reporting and better serve local communities

or are students being used as cheap labor?


It is worth noting that college journalism students are

often bright and talented young journalists looking to

hone their skills in an academic environment.


Some students, especially those in graduate programs,

often have substantial experience in the newsroom or

have worked previously as a full-time journalist.


The partnerships can benefit both the students who gain

practical experience and news media that can expand

the reach of the newsroom.


But are news organizations avoiding paying full or

part-time reporters in favor of tapping the skills of

students who only require academic credit rather than

financial compensation?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.


Also on 10,000 Words:


How to make the most of your journalism internship


Just what are they teaching future journalists?


How online college newspapers are using multimedia

and social networking


Journalism Grads: 30 Things You Should Do This Summer


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